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Sound Quality

Les paul into MT-2 into Fender Blues Deluxe RI. I dime the gain, dial in the mid freq to 2K and cut it down to near zero. Bass is set at 1-2 o'clock. Treb is at 12 o'clock. I run my LP at 2 on the volume pots and 7 on the tone pots. MT-2 volume is at 8 or 9 o'clock. At these settings the MT-2 is not noisy. Perfect, thick bluesy overdrive-distortion with nice sustain and harmonic feedback. If I need more gain I move the LP pots up to 4 or 5. The solo tone using the LP 490 R neck pickup is very dark, thick and bluesy. I'm Using the 498 T bridge pickup for the heavier rock tones with the MT-2. Monster rock tone that sings and sustains. The middle position sounds well balanced through this pedal for crunch rhythms. I play in a classic rock & blues band so I need crunch, heavy distortion and solo power that cuts but doesn't overpower or sound stupid. The MT-2 is perfect for this. I realize this is the quintessential METAL pedal but I like it for its versatile and wide ranging sonic potential. People are surprised when they see a Metal Zone on my board. I guess they think its reputation as a chug-chug pedal marks me as a Metallica wannabe. But when I open up the LP neck pickup for some Clapton/Cream solos or Page solos, all of that metal stuff goes out the window. The big secret to this pedal is relying on the instrument's volume and tone pots to feed a perfect signal into it so it can do the magic for me. It's a cheap, easy to use pedal for my blues / rock playing. Okay, so when we're goofing off, noodling and chugging along with the really heavy stuff, I raise the mids to 12 o'clock and it's "chain saw city"-LOL. Finally, with the gain at near zero and the volume up, it does a nice gritty boost for thin blues solos. It almost sounds "strat-like" with the LP on 2, using the 490-R pickup. Great Blues & Rock pedal besides all that metal stuff that it does so well. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! Ha ha. It's plenty versatile for what I do.


BOSS ...stupidly well built. Been using BOSS stuff since the early 80s. Never, ever had a piece of BOSS gear fail on me. Impossibly well constructed.

General Comments

I have owned lots of BOSS & Roland gear over the years. I currently own a TR-2, MT-2, ME-5, CE-2 and a Roland Blues Cube (outstanding amp, by the way.) BOSS Roland makes top notch stuff in my opinion. My ME-5 pedals (I have two) are late 80's devices and they still crank just as well as the day they were bought.

The MT-2 is a classic-for sure. It's not JUST a metal headbanger tool. Since it has so much potential I have to say that it will serve up some nice blues and rock tones for players who give it a try.


When I run out the door to a jam with my Blues Junior or my Roland Blues Cube 30, I usually grab my MT-2 and my TR-2 pedals. With just these two I can go from surf to hard, butt-kicking rock and everything in between. Versatile, versatile, versatile.

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