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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] very high output [Tone] it's very crunchy and has a trebly kind of feel to it [Sonic evaluation] I use a ESP MH-301 into a Marshall JMP-1 preamp trough a 50 watt power amp. I need more power so I'm going to be changing to a 100 watt Marshall power amp soon. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] I play hard rock, metal, alternative, etc. It matches very well. I needed something with cruchy palm mutes and make fast soloing very articulate. It does a great job.


General Comments

[Comments] I like the sound and everything. My complaint is that Seymour Duncan said that you wouldn't have to modify the body of the guitar except for maybe room for the battery. Well The pickup didn't even fit in the guitar, the pots they provided didn't fit, and the input jack didn't fit. So, basically nothing fit without filing down the wood or something along those lines. It's just annoying that they were supposed to fit and nothing did. That's my only beef with them though. I still think they make the best pickups for my taste.



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