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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Among the highest in the passive pickup selection. [Tone] Though very subjective and depending on the type of amp you use, I would say this pickup offers a wide tonal range and is not necessarily "scooped" for those thrash metal lovers. I would have to say that overall, this pickup has a nice midrangy kind of sound that can be quite powerful if one decided to turn up the preamp level on his/her amp. [Sonic evaluation] [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] [Perceived output level] Meduim, just enough to scream but still retain some semblance of quietness [Tone] Bassy & alot trebly, definitely not middy [Sonic evaluation] Totally kickin, totally versatile, dirty or clean, The difference between the JB and the EMG 81 is sound, if you want the old killer van halen/Beck screamin warm sound get the duncan JB, if you want the sterile, cold, naa naa naa sound, with all of the tone of a cup of sand, get the emg 81. I rest my case. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] none unless you just can't play guitar [Perceived output level] medium loud. same as any average humbucker. the pickup is quiet. [Tone] a very balanced pickup. it has a straight-ahead, full bodied, humbucker sound. it's on the high output side, but not as high as "metal" type pickups like the Lawrence XL500 (see my review of that). [Sonic evaluation] i play mostly metal through a tube preamp and a Mosvalve power amp. i like this pickup because it gives a clear balanced sound - not too treble-y, not too booming and bass-y; a very versitile rock and hard rock pickup. Kramer used to install these as the stock bridge humbuckers pickups in their 80s Floyd Rose "hard rock" guitars. EVH may have used them; i don't know. it gives a very nice bluesy half distorted sound when i turn the guitar volume control down. you can get anything from a barely dirty tone with the knob way down to a ZZ top rythym about halfway to a full hard rock GnR crunch with the volume all the way up. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] this pickup is good for everything from loud blues to metal. i use it for bluesy stuff, medium metal like Alice in Chains and GnR, and extreme metal like Pantera. the extreme metal doesn't sound as good as with a really high output pickup, like the XL500, but the versitility makes up for it.



General Comments




[Comments] 100%




[Comments] this pickup gives a great range of solid rock sounds,

from low distortion all the way to high gain amp settings.



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