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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] pretty loud; slightly more than most average humbuckers. the pickup is quieter than most, also. [Tone] plenty of treble and bass; gives that sucked out mid metal tone without being harsh in the high end; without that whiny chainsaw sound in the high end. [Sonic evaluation] i play mostly metal through a tube preamp and a Mosvalve power amp. i like the pickup because it gives clear highs, solid bass crunch, and lots of output. it also gives a nice bluesy half distorted sound when i turn the guitar volume control down. most high output pickups that i have heard sound way too treble-y when you turn the guitar volume down. that's fine if you never do that, but i like a mellower sound every once in a while. the other cool thing about this pickup - Stew Mac sells them for $42 + shipping - that's maybe $10 or 20 less than a big "name-brand" pickup like Duncan or DiMarzio. the pickup casing is made of plastic, not metal, so it looks a little "cheap" from the outside, but it sounds great. i have been unable to find these pickups anywhere else. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] this pickup is great for metal. they make a less powerful version, the L500, that might be better for plain hard rock. you can't beat the price, especially with "big" pickup manufacturers [Duncan and DiMarzio] charging $20 or more for similar models. they also make neck models of both the XL500 and L500, apparently with less output in this position. i have no idea how these sound.



General Comments

[Comments] *that* sound will come when

i buy Marshall 4x12 cabinets, but this pickup does very well, especially

for high gain amp settings.


Reviewer's Background

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