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Sound Quality

It wouldn't matter where you put this in your chain, or with what gear - this thing sucks! By 'sucks' I mean this pedal sucks tone, sucks gain, sucks period!


Being one of the newer DOD pedals the switch is less reliable than the older ones; other than that you can rely on this pedal to basically get you a decent trade-in on your next enveloppe filter.

General Comments

Overall...? I owned this pedal for less than two weeks. After hearing a friends FX-25 i had rather assumed this pedal would be better and more expressive - I was wrong; and so were the minds at DOD when they built this.

It is worse than it's predecessor, probably worse than a kazoo and tissue paper at getting a good dynamic enveloppe!


For the record, I find that DOD as a manufacturer makes finer quality instruments than Boss, and it's a terrible shame that every once in a while they put out something so utterly crap.

Spend $300 and get a Q-Tron, or go to every pawn shop you can find to dig upi some other more unique gem.

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