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Sound Quality

So far I have used this pedal (for a week or so) with my two DOD delays, my flanger, and my crybaby - in my opinion this pedal works best with humbuckers as opposed to single coils, and just straight into a solid state amp, delivering the added warmth you would need. I have, as I said, used it in all sorts of configurations, and I've found it to be very warm, pleasant, full of lower end gutteral voicing, and almost on parr with the more boutiquey sounding Rat. The only difference (other than about $50) is that - as with all DOD boosts - when you crank it it turns to a bit more noise - which isn't necessarily a problem, more I haven't really found a purpose for it yet:) Great sustain - again, like a poor man's Rat - but not broke poor, just a little poorer than a full price Sustortion pedal.


Okay: this feller was shipped to me in a bubble mailer envellope. It withstood the journey - intact - and straight out of the flimsy paper bag it satred to scream, soar and all sorts of other great things. I know - as with all DOD pedals - that there's a chance the switch might go; and the battery compartment is a pile of something unfortunate; but I find the DOD switch to be really one of the better switches ever devised, and I use my DOD multi-power supply for as many pedals as possible, so there's never any hassles with the battery door. (also, there's a guy on eBay who sells the covers for $3us including shipping!)

General Comments

I play support, I play singer-songwriter, I play rock and roll. I play a lot of instruments - I gotta tell ya: this pedal was made for guitar!!!

Probably one of the better, finer, more accurate mass produced overdrive/distortion/fuzz pedals out there. If it were to be modded I'd say smooth out the higher boost end, maybe with a longer, wider taper on the pot or something - just more room to play before getting to the rough and the raw.

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