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Sound Quality

I play hard rock/metal/alternative/blues/classical/etc. The list goes on. I do not think it covers a wide range of musical styles. It covers rock very well minus the loud hiss this thing has. The noise can be covered up with the built in noise gate, but the gate gets annoying after you use it for a while. You begin to miss the sustain you can get without it, like on better preamps. The preamp doesn't cover the heavy crunch palm muting very well. It's more like a muddy thud, thud, than a crunch. I guess it would be ok for a cheap backup or if you have a smaller amp. I use a marshall half stack and before I tried the Marshall JMP-1 preamp, I thought the MP-2 was really good. The first time I tried a JMP-1 I put my MP-2 up for sale and bought a JMP-1. I'm now thrilled that I have the JMP-1 now. :)


I never had trouble wih it.

General Comments

It's alright if you were deprived from getting to try music gear out all the time like me. Our music stores are pathetic around hear. They rarely get anything good in. So I guess it's not that the MP-2 is a bad choice, it's just there are many choices of preamps that are better.

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