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Pearl Jam

Music Man Ball Family Reserve John Petrucci 7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play rock and whatever else needs playing. This guitar can do it all, but there are other guitars that can do it better. There are only three pickups combinations, and a volume and tone knob. I have a Petrucci style of playing, not the same but I would list him as an important influence, and this guitar really does that perfect. I'm playing through a Carvin Legacy 2X12 Combo and it sounds great. I can actually get a pretty good Liquid Tension Experiment lead tone out of that set up. So it's not that versatile but it suits me just fine.


This guitar is actually going to become my main guitar. I have two UV's and a Custom 8 string that are going to live in the closet now. The 8 string is just not real important right now, and I don't really like the UV's as much. The thing I really like about this guitar is that it's not the most exciting guitar to look at, but since the price is rather high, the money must be going into quality. And I can totally vouch for that. It's probably one of the best player guitars out there. I would gig with a backup because it does have a floating bridge, but otherwise I don't see the need.


General Comments

Wow! This guitar was worth every penny. I really feel like I found a guitar that I can finally be content with and never wish I hadn't bought. The quality is easily up there with Andersons, and PRS and what not. The difference is that this guitar will never have a 10 Top or Dragon Inlay or anything else ornamental. So remember that the money you pay goes straight into the quality of the guitar and not the 24K gold plated hardware. Here is run down of what I'm using so that you may be able to compare your set up a little bit:


EBMM JPM 7 -------------------------Carvin Legacy Combo


IBad Horsie Wah---------Whammy Pedal----I


Reviewer's Background

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