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Sound Quality

I'm running this pedal through a Roland Cube30 and an Ibanez RG321 with standard INF3/4 pickups, the sound quality from the guitar/amp itself is pretty good but this pedal really picks it up a notch. clear highs and crisp mids, gritty punchy lows... Perfect! My previous pedal was a Danelectro Black Paisley and I loved the sound of that, but playing with this MT-2 is just on another level. That was quite muddy and lost some clarity but this is fantastic! I play a lot of styles megadeth/disturbed/john petrucci/neil zaza and this pedal can be tweaked to suit almost any tone you want... with the gain turned right down it's still driving pretty hard but with any amount of gain wind back the volume on the guitar and it cleans up nicely for short melow phrases where you don't want the drive to be noticably 'gone' with the pedal off...


What can I say? It's a BOSS! It's built to withstand getting driven over by a Challenger Tank... All BOSS pedals are virtually indestructible and this is no different. Foot switch feels smooth but firm, jacks and power socket feel tight and solid... Even though this was second hand when I bought it, you wouldn't know it by the feel of it.

General Comments

I've used many overdrive/distortion pedals over my 18 years of playing... Marshall Guv'nor (Mk1), various BOSS overdrive/super overdrive pedals, Danelectro Daddy-O, Danelectro Fab Tone, the Danelectro Black Paisley I mentioned before... and in my oppinion and for my style of playing the MT-2 p***es all over the lot of them!


It has enough gain range to play anything from Gary Moore to Disturbed, enough tonal variation to do anything you would want with it at all.


Being called the Metal Zone leads you to think that this is ONLY for metal, but believe me, it can be used for any style at all! This is a VERY versatile pedal indeed!!


I would recommend one of these to anybody!!!

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