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Sound Quality

I run my bass through it: a Rickenbacker 4001 or a crappy Ibanez Roadstar II. It runs into a Hartke 1400 bass amp, into a Sonic 1x18 cabinet (with a JBL speaker). It is definately noisy. But then again, it's a distortion pedal, so isn't it supposed to be noisy? It's the noise that I precisely enjoy so much about this pedal. If you want nice, warm, rock/metal distortion, this is not a good pedal. But if you're looking to turn a perfectly good tone into a stinky pile of poo, no pedal in the world could possibly beat my disgusting little yellow Metal Maniac. And this is precisely what I use it for. When my band is totally rocking out, degenerating into improvised noise jamming, I kick in the Metal Maniac and the degeneration is complete. "Pbpfbfkfkfkfkfkkffkfkfk!!!!" Turn up the Presence and Distortion and you get "Pfpfksksshskshsksksksksksk, WHEEEEEEEEE!!!!" The key words here are noise and poo.


Can I depend on it? Not really. Mine has crapped out on me a few times, but my tinker-happy friends fixed it up, so that it's sort of mutated into something else entirely, which might help explain its unique, all-or-nothing/balls-to-the-wall sound. I don't remember this thing having a battery cover for much longer than 10 seconds after I first equipped it. However, a little piece of black electric tape has worked wonderfully as a replacement battery cover, and I haven't had problems with the pedal in years.

General Comments

I like to play different kinds of music, but like I said, for turning a perfectly good tone into a stinky pile of poo, this pedal works wonders. I've actually been able to tame it a little bit, to give my bass some distortion and overdrive without crapifying the tone too much (basically, turn the distortion all the way down, and the presence up just a little tiny bit). But, read the other opinions on this list. Not everybody can handle this kind of distortion. :') I've been playing through this thing for about 4 or 5 years. Frankly, if it were stolen or lost, I would probably invest in a different kind of distortion. But I would never forget my horrifying Metal Maniac. Whenever I see a band and the bassist uses distortion, I have to laugh. I always tell whomever I'm with, "that's pretty horrible, but it's no Metal Maniac".

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