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Sound Quality

My rig is as follows. Ibanez rg570=> Metal Zone=> D.O.D ice box (chorus)=> GE-7 Equalizer=> Crate GX1200H Full Stack. There is a little hum fromd the D.O.D but the eq somewhat husshes it a little. I play mostly metal Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy, Metal church, Slayer, Etc Etc. and with the GE-7 it makes it very possible to get the desired sounds out of the metal zone. It gives an awesome boost. Be sure to put a little model glue on the knobs thought. these little guys will fall of and fall down your heating vent real quick.


Ive never had a Boss pedal break or stop working. It gets sikell and ebert thumbs up!!

General Comments

Overall this is a great pedal with unlimited uses. it can be placed anywhere in the pedal line and get a very different result. i use it at the end of my regular run. all modulations (flangers,phasers etc) should be run through a loop if possible. here is the way i set it. Again i mostly paly metallica and the like so this may help you achieve that sound.


-15 = = 0 = = +15

100 **

200 **

400 **

800 **

1.6k **

3.2k **

6.4k **

Level **

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