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DOD FX747 Super Sonic Stereo Flanger

Sound Quality

Fairly quiet when used on its own, quite a bit louder w/ dist. I'm using it w/ my Ibanez Stagestar> Wah > Overdrive > Flange > Tremolo >Fender Frontman 25r. This pedal doesn't have as good pitch shift as my friends Ibanez Soundtank but the increased speed range makes up for it. The sound is unusable when cranked up high but is VERY nice like this: Level 2 o'clock, Speed 12 o'clock, Width 5 o'clock, Regen 2 o'clock. Good with overdrive.


Seems very reliable, w/ strong metal case and jacks. Stomp switch and battery covers are only plastic, but look like they'll do the job. No qualms about using it at gigs. It's also an american made one which should be good.

General Comments

I really like it. Great clean tone shaper. Good sized controls and LEDs. I also like the battery placing. If this one was lost or stolen I would try and find another the same. These usally are $189 but this was old stock so it was halfprice.

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