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Sound Quality

This is where it wins. You can approximate a cry baby/vox -like tone, but when you dial in the right frequencies, this wah has an amazing "chew" factor. I love it! It may not have the warmth of the potentiometer design, this is more modern and cleaner. great for funky stabs. If you require dirt in the frequencies, I found it good to place a light overdrive after it. I'm using this with a souped up MIJ fender tele loaded with EMG-T's, a Barber Direct Drive and a locally modded BAMFX "Sushi" DS-1, into whatever amplifier i can plug into. The tone i get from it never fails to raise eyebrows, considering how under appreciated this wah is. I set the wah sweep wider than usual,to I can back of the treadle into bassy frequencies (like a heavier robben ford wah tone), and just high enough so it doesn't shriek. if you're skillful, you can play through two ranges, by rocking your feet minimally within a frequency area. Lovely lovely! The only beef I have with it is the loss of volume when you engage the wah. I'm finding a way to have it modded to give a bit of a boost when activiated. but it's a small issue, i'm just fussy about my sound ;)


Absolutely dependable! The specs ooze toughness. No scratchy pots, easy to service parts, and... a casing that is Ford tough! I gig with it without a back up.

General Comments

I play a whole mess of stuff. I like to use this wah for color, and sometimes when I go through one of those psychedelic episodes, heheheh... I've been playing for.. damn, lost count, 16 years I think. It's been blues, jazz, and the beckian/landau school for me lately. I have owned countless wahs over the years, and this one has stuck because its been the most impressive.

I just wish it had a better unity gain / boost volume, and that the trimpots would be easier to access. that could be easily done through modding. come to think of it... its the only piece of gear that has stayed on my floor considering the revolving door of gear I have!


highly recommended, give it a stomp :)

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