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Fender Kenny Wayne Shepherd Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Original factory setup gives you that distinctive KWS pinch dynamic - very nice voicing of the pick ups helps here. I also own Texas Special pick ups and these are less aggressive but give a similar harmonic tone overall, just not as aggressive.


I've had a couple of issues with this signature model guitar:

  • Jack nut comes loose constantly
  • The neck position of the 5 position switch does not engage all the time - it frequently cuts out indicating some sort of loose wire or otherwise shotty workmanship


General Comments

Poor workmanship on the moveable parts, but great thought and quality put in to the underlying design. Nice base for improvement (adding Texas Specials will probably improve overall quality of tone, but the KWS voiced pick ups are nice in their factory set up). Much less $ than the SRV edition but is a nice compromise (who needs a left handed trem bar anyway?).

Reviewer's Background

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