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Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Here is my verdict after a year with it:

If you want a metal riffing machine, then this is a guitar for you.

However, if you expect more than that, you may be disappointed like me. For one, this is the darkest sounding guitar I have heard. It made my Gibson Les Paul tame in comparison. By dark, I mean having little dynamics and, tonewise, it is easy to sound like mud.

Not being a fan of EMGs (and yet impressed, on paper, by the guitar's other features and looks), I decided to order it. I had, shortly after receiving it, converted the actives to passive duncans (JB in the bridge and custom alnico II pro in the neck - remember that I don't simply want a riffing machine). The results are as follows: the riffs are deep and mean, while the coil split/parallel/out- of-phase wiring I have had done on it sound terrible (they have no definition at all, sounding dull).

All in all, this is a humbucker guitar exclusively...don't expect much versatility out of the split/parallel/out-of-phase wirings.


So far, so good. Mine is surprisingly light. I cannot comment of the quality of the wood Schecter uses, but I can play it for a long time without any discomfort (unlike a Les Paul).

General Comments

If you want a metal riffing machine, give it a 9.


If you expect something more (as in versatility), the a 5 is reasonable. All in all, it is an extremely dark sounding guitar that lends itself to metal riffing, but tends to sound muddy.


A one-trick pony, I'm afraid.

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