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Sound Quality

I first used a Fender Jaguar stock.... The a year ago put a SD Full Shred in the bridge and took a few months to get the right sound out of it again. But once I started playing next to a JCM 2000, this amp was useless.... As with most solid state amps... I tried the best I could with the Extensive settings to get a sound that could keep up with the Marshall, but it wasn't happening. I had no tone, and even though I was louder, the marshall stood out way more. Last month I just picked up a RG321 and I had enough of the Line 6. I give it a 4 for sound now, where as before I played next to the Marshall I would have given it a 7 or 8.


From all I have read these things crap out fast. THANKFULY *Knock onwood* it has been strong, and I have had no problems with the amp... The floorboard onthe other hand is Shyte. I like the control it gives me, but it's not strong enough to stand moderate usage. The switches keep going out on it. I am keeping this amp as my backup, as if I sold it I'd be lucky to get $400 CDN with the pedal. I'd prolly save money if I only used it as a coffee table.... Considering I spent $1500 on it, I might as well just keep it.

General Comments

I have been playing for over 10 years, and it was my first "Real" amp. I wouldn't use this in a band situation for long. I'd say it's great for home jamming, or as a cheap recording amp since it's got a butt-load of effects.... If your looking to get out and play for cheap, find some other Solid Sate amp. Crates GT 1200H is replacing this thing for me till I can afford a Real Amp.

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