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BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

I use the boosta grande as the last pedal before the amp to boost the entire signal going into the amp. The boost is great without the other effects on, it accents an old dod chorus in an amazing way and it pushes the bbe green screamer signal to a new level. One note: I changed the op amp in the grean screamer (no, I am not telling which op amp I used). I play a Gibson CS-336 (#1 guitar), a fender american standard strat with lindy fralin blues specials (#2 guitar), and an old blonde tele with dimarzio mini-humbucker soapbars. They all sound great with the Boosta Grande. I use a modified Fender Blues Jr (#1 amp) and a Fender Blues Deluxe (#2 amp). I read several reviews on the boosta where people commented that the pedal colored the tone or they complained about where the knob was when the gain started. Didn't you try the pedal before buying it? Personally, the pedal is perfect for what I was looking for. Around 4 or 5 I get the boost I am want for some lead or for a louder overall guitar sound. Does it color the sound? It boosts the signal going to the amplifier, how could that not color the sound in some way? Around 4 or 5 the sound is a great clean boost with the proper sound coloration to enhance the boost. Above 5 it starts to drive the tube amp (not much though) with more boost (and slightly more coloration, as it should be). No problems, it works perfect for me.


slam, bang, stomp, drop - it lives and lives - it is very reliable.

General Comments

Excellent boost. I would buy another Boosta Grande if it were lost or stolen.

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