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Sound Quality

Great for roots rock, indie rock, blues, rock'n roll, (I use 2 in stereo with delay and reverb effects)also takes all pedals well. Noisy only if you do not let it warm up. at 3-4 nice clean and warm- very natural and woody, at 5 and 6 it starts breaking up, 7-10 it sounds like a cross between the Stooges and old Sabbath with buckers and p90s, nice blues over drive with singles. Very elementary- the original Fender cleans/ overdrive wattage/size not big enough for bassy rhythm live, but works great recording.


Old amps really need alot of tlc, educate yourself as much as you can. The 74 seems to have some filter cap problems- have blown many fuses. Keep them clean, let them warm up and you will be fine. backup- another reason I have 2. totally worth it.

General Comments

instead of buying one of those new fangled Champion 600's or whatever they are, save a little more and look for a silverface Champ- they have basically the same circuit as the blackface champ (unlike the larger old Fender amps that had many changes over the '70s)


Love the size- packs a punch for such a small and light amp

also have a 76 princeton Reverb, 71 Twin Reverb, 68 Bandmaster.


These old amps blow the new amps away

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