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Sound Quality

When I first got the Crybaby wah, the wah tonal sweep was to wide. Any small change in pedal position and there was too much change in wah sound. It was easy to adjust the position of the rocker bar (as mentioned in ease of use section). With that change, the tonal sweep was reduced and I was able to dial in some excellent wah tone. At first, the pedal picked up the notorious "radio station." It was annoying to hear a radio station because of the wah. When I did the true-bypass mod and removed the buffer, I noticed that one of the electronic components in the buffer was a "transister." With the buufer removed and the DPDT switch in place for true bypass, the "radio station" was gone. Another thing, the tone of the wah changes when the buffer electronics are removed. It ias hard to explain, but the wah sounds much better with the buffer gone. It is now smooth, rich and the tonal quality is superb. With the mods I have outlined, the sound is a definite 10. But I had to make the mods to get the sound, so I am rating the pedal a 9.


The crybaby pedal is heacy duty. It is solid. solid, solid. No backup is required.

General Comments

I play blues and some rock, from mellow to hard and heavy. After the mods the pedal can handle everything.. from a sweet sound to a searing scream.


With the true bypass mod I mentioned, I also added an LED. It is nice to have a visual aid to tell you when the wah is on.


I would replace this wah, but doubt if I could. After all, GCB-95 is not supposed to have a Fasel wah in it. If I were to replace it, I would add the mods (they make a big difference in the sound).


This wah is a keeper and after a few tweaks it is an excellent edition to my arsenal. Overal value after mods: 10 over all value stock: 9

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