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Fender Highway One Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

This is not your father's stratocaster. When clean, you do not get that really quiet boingy quack or light bite, you get huge chimey sustainful single coil sound that is just very well balanced. Great for more modern types of rock or indie rock/pop. It can do surf, 50's/60's/70's rock & R&B too, but chimey delay and reverb laden alternative rock is where this Strat shines the most. Light overdrive and high gain are also very very nice. Like I said, very full and well balanced with musical tone, not just the boinks pops and twangs that traditional strats are known and cherished for. Output is actually quite hot, not sure of exact values. I used a 71 Twin reverb and a tweed blues Jr with it with a TS9DX for distortion/overdrive exclusively and the BOSS DD 3 and DD 6 with plenty of reverb going.


Stayed in tune very very very well. The finish will come off very soon, but this actually is a good thing as a player's guitar- you want the least amount of finish between you and the wood anyway- better resonance. I did gig with it without a backup twice and it withstood my crazyness. All hardware seemed extremely solid performance grade- just like a great tool. again, i am stupid for not having it anymore.

General Comments

Playing for close to 16 years. I have a very nice 2003 SG Faded- my #1- that is getting better and better with use (Gibson's answer to the highway one series), a Gibson SG Classic (p-90s), 72 Fender Telecaster Custom RI MIJ. Have owned many many guitars over the years including several other strats. I just recently scaled back my gear quite a bit and in the process discovered how indespensable this HWY 1 Strat was. I AM getting a brand new one after Christmas- a sunburst S/S/S with rosewood fretboard. That's also another good thing about these guitars- lots of color/ configuration options.


Favorite features: the more you play it, the better it gets- the best guitars have this soulful quality. You won't find this on a MIM standard. It's just in this whole other category of Strats, there is no theme to it- like "standard" or "custom" or "signature" or "limited edition", they just make them all the same, just like the old days in Fullerton. Almost like the workingman's Standard Strat.

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