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Sound Quality

Little bit noisy here. The tracking is pretty good and the noise level is controllable -- mess with the mix. Think Dr. Octavia from Black label Society. Seems to track better with humbuckers.


As dependable as other DOD pedals. This isn't a slam, I haven't had a problem out of any DOD pedal that was made in the USA. When purchased, the pots were scratchy. No problem! Take off the battery door and viola! you can clean the pots from there without full pedal disassembly.

General Comments

This pedal is good for sound fx or for adding some low end to your tone. I like it because it sounds synth-like when used with a envelope filter in front. Still, it doesn't quite sound as good as other octave units I've tried/owned. Purchased for a DOD pedalboard from the 80's. Made in USA!

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