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Sound Quality

This pedal is great for funk and sound fx. All my axes sound great thru it, you just have to mess with the knobs to get the right setting for the output level of your pickups. Great for bass too. Re: Sir Psycho Sexy by the chili peppers.


Unlike many people on these user boards, I haven't had a problem out of DOD boxes. The switching is effortless - you don't need to press down hard at all. If the pots get scratchy, take off the battery cover (PS I still have all mine) and spray them with contact cleaner. Great idea for the location of the pots. The accessibility keeps you from having to disassemble the whole pedal. Made in USA!

General Comments

I own LOTS of pedals from Boss, Ibanez, EH, DOD and many clones too. I bought this as an alternative to the overpriced and overrated DOD 440. It resides on my DOD FX-100 board along with 4 other USA DOD boxes. Glad these are still cheap. Great filter.

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