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Sound Quality

It has a good sound with a good noise supressor. The only thing to be carefull with is when using the noise suppressor with distortion/overdrive. I have used it with a variety of amps and guitars, and it is always easy to get a nice sound, normally you only need to tweak the amp settings. The one let down is the Flanger effect. It is hard to get the right mix between unnoticable and overwhelming (took me 30 minutes to get a sound i was happy with). Overall the sound is good, at least as good as having a huge rack of boss pedals.


It is the sturdiest multi-fx pedal i have ever used. I bought it second hand, gave it a whipping and it is still as sturdy as ever. The only problem was the Tuner Out jack fell out and i never use that anyway.

General Comments

Very good. Went out to get a flanger or compression, came back with both and a delay, chorus, destortion, noise suppressor as well for just £40 ! If i was you look out for it second hand !

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