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Sound Quality

i use to play loud rock music. it kix ass. i switched to it from a pod, and trust me, the jmp is better. it can pump out tons of gain, or you can set up it up for a metal hyper clean. the emulated outs sound like a mic'd amp. it is no noisier than any other high gain amp. the eq is very versatile, you can go from rock crunch to metal smoothness with a simple turn of the mid knob. it can sound like my friends 100watt slx, but can go so many other places that a normal head can't.


haven't had it long. but as long as you dont through it at things ti should work fine. my only beef is that when i got it (i bought it used) the CLD didn't work (the rest ofhte preamp did) i opened it up and it turns out that a connecter was loose. it took me 2 seconds to put it back in. other than that it all works good

General Comments

it's better than the pod, and is more versatile than any marshall head you can buy. if it were stolen i would probably buy another one. i gets the job done.

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