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Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

This guitar can be very brutal sounding but can be use playing every kind of style. I play from pop to metal & jazz & i can do everything with this guitar. I use this guitar in different rigs.. a 6506 top rig, a jpm-1 rig, or just my pod xt at home.. on every combination i got a good sound !! This guitar is not noisy, electronics are wel wired.. the sound is RiCH & full. I would like to test this guitar with an EMG81-7, not that i dislike the 707 combi but i belive i will just test this in the future. Fot those who doesnt know EMG707 is the 7 string version of EMG85


This guitar is wel made, i got it for 2 weeks, i dont think this will broke very soon.

General Comments

Schecter is making good instruments for a good price, i think is stupid to pay more than 3000 Euros for a guitar.. even if i had the money i will never buy overprice intruments.


I belive this is where schecter do it better than the rest ! they are making nice axes for a good price. Everybody have the right to play wel made guitars.

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