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Greg Bogoshian

Bugera Continued V22 22W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

This ain't no Epi Valve Jr... People were going nuts over those when they came out so (due to the price and my needing something all tube to demo my guitars with) I bought one. NEVER liked it. Thin on cleans and harsh on overdrive. With the Bugera, I took my guitars of 3 distinctly differing characteristics (one very Stratty, one very LP/ES-335ish, one chambered body with Vintage59 'buckers) and my pedals into the store and really put it through its paces. I would have been a fool to not take it home. Truly remarkable regardless of price or which guitar was plugged into it. Sometimes the "for the buck" phrase gives one the wrong impression. This thing holds its own regardless of the price, at least on the clean channel. I can still get some workable tones off of the overdrive by playing with the guitars' volume and tone controls too, although my pedals (especially my custom built tube overdrive pedal) are still superior... I actually like the onboard reverb. It is not overwhelming but does add to the spacial character without shouting, "HEY! I'm a reverb here!" The triode mode will be really nice for lower power applications, too. I actually like the grit I can get on the clean channel when dimed. Very usable tone. Do I wish it were made by a U.S. manufacturer? Sure, but I unfortunately wouldn't be able to afford it then and wouldn't have it in my stable anyway, so America didn't lose a sale to Behringer. It did gain by the fact that I paid tax on it and helped keep US sales people gainfully employed.


Too early to tell. I do understand people's trepidations on Behringer perceived quality though and I also do note the slow decay of the standby which appears to be gain dependent... The higher the gain, the slower the bleed-off. This seems kind of strange.


General Comments

I've been playing guitars for probably 30 years and also design and build my own instruments. They can be seen at www.rockbeachguitars.com . I needed an amp I could gig with and also would be able to show off my guitars for demos at shows and make them sound not only really good, but it would have to do so at lower volumes and be versatile as all hell do to the variety of instruments I build. Cost was a factor. Weight was a factor as I also have a bad back... I have wanted an all-tube amp that sounded really good that I could afford and there just hasn't been anything until now that filled all of my requirements. This amp is simply an amazing tone machine! It does get remarkably loud, too, if you need.

Reviewer's Background

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