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Jonathan Bovenmyer

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I especially like the Vox AC 15 and 30 simulations and the 80s British setting. There is a smooth breakup and natural tube like dynamics. The tone controls have a broad range, and the effects are good, just annoying to edit. Now here are the shortcomings. The amp really doesn’t have good bass response. At low volume its fine, but when you’re playing a show or a high volume practice, the bass becomes flabby and indistinct. I really like deep clean bass from an amp, and this guy can't cut it. In overall volume though, it has sufficient power for any small gig, minus beefy bass. My other complaint is the noise gate. This amp has a noise gate on at all times, and this can really screw with your dynamics. If you turn the volume down on your guitar, the quiet bits get cut out and you can really hear your playing suffer. Even at full guitar volume at some settings, the noise gate makes its presence known. In short, this amp has a limited dynamic range. Overall the sounds are good but not outstanding. It should be obvious that digital simulations can never mach the real tube amps, but most of us don't have the money for the classics.


On my first gig with the Amp, I used a relatively short cable, and the strain on the plastic input jack stripped the threading. The input jack fell into the inside of the amp, making it impossible to plug back in. The gig was effectively ended. Vox really needs to make a more durable, preferably metal part here, or design the jack so it has reinforcement from below. Other than this problem, the amp has been solid.

General Comments

I bought the AD 50 VT last spring (2005) after my crate 2*12 blew out. Though I prefer the distortion sounds of the Vox, I really miss the clean low end power of the crate. Many people are championing this Vox AD series to exessive levels. Like anything, it has limitations. I'll use this amp gigging till it dies, but at home there is no substitute for my trusty Fender Champ.

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