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Sound Quality

I use this amp for bass, 12-string acoustic with Martin thinline pickup, and my Washburn MG600F electric (see review). I also have external speakers I use for the 12-string and the bass. The combo speaker is much better with the Washburn. I primarily play clean, but occasionally go to the overdrive channels which are not breathtaking in sound quality, but better than adequate. It won't be mistaken for a Carvin Quad X preamp... The tone controls are very effective and the reverb works very well. I usually run an Alesis micro compressor, a Korg G3 processor, and a DOD equalizer into the input of this amp and I can generally produce any kind of sound I need, whether big and round and warm or hard edged. It's a good little amp! I do tend to get some hum, but that is primarily from the Korg G3. I can't figure out where its from or why... I don't think it's the amp's fault.


It's been pretty reliable as any tube amp goes. I keep my solid state practice amp (see my webpage for that on the equipment page at http://www.angelfire.com/ny5/boggs.com/) on the side just in case. I would do that with any tube amp.


General Comments

For my playing history and other equipment, visit my website. I would most definitely stay with Carvin but I would probably get a newer model if this one was ever stolen.

Reviewer's Background

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