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Sound Quality

I use a Jackson Performer PS6-T with two Jackson factory Humbuckers. It has good sound for my style of music (Industrial, Black Metal, Heavey Metal). I have used a Ibanez CF7s, Boss MT-2, Boss DS-1, anda Cry Baby Wah-Pedal and it has all sounded pretty well. The chorus is conveniant for play orgy and the relay is nice for metal and KoRn.The clean channel hasa warm sound to it. Distortion getting kinda unclear at certain levels.


Its pretty dependable, its never failed.

General Comments

I have been playing 7 motnhs, I also own a Jackson PS6-T, Ibanez CF7, Boss MT-2. I am saving for a Crate Stack but if it were stolen I'd buy another. I love the sound and the reliablility of it. I love the sound quality for the price I paid. I wish it had a little more power but its good.

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