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Sound Quality

this has been the staple tone for me for many years and only recently have i upgraded to multi-channel tube amps (from fender deluxe pro 2, which was a piece of crap, to jcm 200 tsl with 1/2 stack). believe it or not, i still rely on this pedal heavily, mainly because for a lot of my songs i need immediate, silent switching (no valve lag or pops, for example)with an explosive punch. i don't think this pedal handles subtle tones at all well (still, it's not designed for that so no loss there. who would buy this for mild, warm vintage tone?!) i usually have vol between 1/2 and 3/4 (really powerful vol increase), bass on 7, treble on 5, gain on 1/2. it can get really messy with the gain turned higher up, which is great for feedback/noise solos but not too useable for rhythm work. with well judged amounts however, it will sit comfortably in the band mix without being tooo messy. i think that one of the main aspects of your rig which will determine if you're going to love or hate this pedal is the amp you're using. through my fender (which wasn't designed for heavy riffing) it sounded god awful and would make the speaker flap like a bugger. now through the half stack..ahhh, lovely. speakers designed to handle the evil it can emit. can be very noisy with single coils (i.e. a jazzmaster) but pretty quiet with humbuckers (although it couldn't be described as silent by a long stretch.)imo tho, this adds to the riotous noise that it can help you create. i play punk/alt rock/noise and does what i need it to. could do with maybe more harmonics to the overall tone, but for the price, very useable tones, very easily accessed.


well, i've had this pedal for 10 years and i've used it at least twice a week, although generally speaking it would get used between 3 and 5 times a week. this pedal is chipped, has been dropped, stomped on, sweated on and has had a nice time submerged in many beer puddles at numerous gigs. the only thing which is damaged (aside from the paintwork, which i actually like chipped and exposed) is the battery snap chord. even that is still the original. sturdy as hell.

General Comments

well, i think it's pretty clear how useable i feel this pedal is and if you see one second hand, seriously, buy it. i would recommend this too everyone over the mt2 (which i think is shockingly fizzy-borderline useless if you want to sound good in a band)


it will last you for an age and help craft your simple, no bull{censored} tone. i've been playing for 11 years and feel no need whatsoever to upgrade to something more expensive or 'better'. i'd love a mxr dimebag distortion but there's no need. the only other distortion-type pedal i have is the big muff, but that has different applications which i'm sure i don't need to go into.


the only thing i wish that was different was that it had more harmonics. aside from that, a great pedal.

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