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Sound Quality

holy smokes! this thing sounds insanely good for a dod pedal. i know someone who has an old (and very beat up) boss dm-2. those go for hundreds, but really don't sound any better than these. this is a great analog delay, especially when you consider how much these usually go for second hand. also the trimpot inside gives you extra possibilities, although as soon as you make the delay time a bit longer it will sound significantly worse real quick. that's still fun for people like me who like to make space-cadet music as well as traditional bluesy and rocky stuff (think beatles meets boredoms!)


we all know that the dod switches are not the most reliable.........

General Comments

i really don't like handing out a 10. it means it's perfect. this pedal is certainly not perfect. but for the 20 euros i paid for it this is a killer deal. it's a 9,5.

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