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Hughes & Kettner Edition 1 112 Combo

Sound Quality

i use a standard american strat with a jb jr in the bridge into the edition 1. at first i was a bit dissapointed in the distortion of the amp. i had on a set of cheap d'addario strings and i got a very hollow sounding sound out of my humbucker which i thought was wierd. i threw on a set of markleys and it solved the problem with the distortion, but gave me a distorted clean channel through all my pickups. i can fix this with my guitars volume but im lazy and dont like to go back and forth like that. oh well, i play more distorted than clean. i like the distortion, cuts through very well and goes from nice and dirty to way over the top. i also like the amount of bass it can hold at high volumes. its also a bit noisy with high gain, but what amp isnt? not a good mid scooping amp for metal, but for hard rock to classic rock to new and old styles of punk, this thing is great. for the price, it cant be beat.


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General Comments

i practically stole this amp off of ebay. i did not expect to get what i got with this guy. i used to have a blue voodoo half stack (which sucked) and i am way more impressed with this amp. i can use it with a band, in my room, or just about anywhere and it sounds great. i definetely recommend amp if you come across one. i guess they were going for close to $300 or more new, but they do not dissapoint whatever you pay for it. my only qualm is the distorted clean tones at higher volumes, but then it might just be my guitar, i havent tried anything else through it yet. this amp cant be beat, the only reason for the 8 is the clean channel at high volumes.

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