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Sound Quality

I've used it with my Tele (MIM), my Burns Steer, as well as my acoustic-electric. It's not noisy, unless you use a naturally noisy amp model or haven't used the NR setting procedure. (Very handy, that!) I've yet to turn it up super loud. I am especially fond of the AC15 and AC30 sounds.


Haven't had any problems with the 50, it's new, but nothing with the 15 either and I've had that for over a year. I don't gig outside the church, so I can't say if it's really wordworthy. I just drag amps back and forth to church. I'm told the 12AX7 tubes will last 3 to five years. And they are intregral to the working, despite that some have claimed that products like this only light up the tubes and don't really use them.

General Comments

It really is a great amp and doesn't sound overly fakey when used in the amp preset mode.

I also own another in the series, plus a Fender bass amp.

I'd probably buy another if it were lost of stolen. I don't wanna think about that, though!

I love that it has so many classis amps. I can't afford (nor do I have space for) a Twin, a Bassman, a Marshall stack, a couple Voxes, and a few boutique amps.

Maybe the only thing I'm not crazy about is that the internal speaker cuts out when you plug it into an external cab. But at least the 50 has that plug, in addition to the phone/line jack.

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