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Sound Quality

My guitars I use/used are: A custom made guitar of my own design/shape handcrafted by John Jordan of Jordan Music http://www.jordanmusic.com , it is a solid body electric, basswood body, AAA quilted maple top in translucent red, Evans pickups (E2 in the bridge, E1 in the neck) with a push/push single volume to split the bridge p/u. I also had an Ibanez RG-320 (Downtune a whole step DGCFAD)equipped with 2ea Evans E2 pickups, & a Floyyd Licensed. It was a basswood body as well. I also used a PRS CE-3 with 2 Evans E2 pickups, and recently an ESP/LTD H-207 7stringer. In my rig which consisted 80% of ADA gear (Except for DDL/Reverb/Harmonizer) treated me very well through those years. It consisted as follows: Furman PL8, Samson Concert Series 2 Wireless reciever, 1 "Y" cable to split signal to, 2 each ADA MP-2, 2each Digitech DSP256XL (DDL/Reverb), Digitech ISP33B Harmonizer, ADA Microcab Miked Cabinet Emulator, Roland M-120 12channel Line Mixer, & ADA Microtube 200. There was also a 4space rack drawer which store cables, strings, tools, etc... The signal flowed as follows: Gtr to wireles, signal split to 2 MP-2's; one for clean, one for dirty, Stereo dry signal from each direct to mixer, clean MP-2 had loop sending to 1 of the DSP 256XL's for reverbs, delays, the other MP-2 sent Loops send #1 toe the ISP33B, #2 send went to the 2nd DSP 256XL. The signal was split at these processors to stereo and then their wet outputs went to the mixer. Now, here's the answer to the question "Why did you have 2 MP-2's, wasn't one good enough?" The answer is this, One was used for clean, the other for dirty because I used the CC's to provide a Clean/Dirty "Morph" to similate the crossfade done on a mixing board in the studio. I never like the abrupt change from clean to dirty, & I never liked the volume knob on the guitar rolled back to similate clean. I like my clean to be clean & my dirty to be dirty, & this allowed me realtime & dynamic control in the transition from clean to dirty. Having the dry signals fed direct to the mixer kept my original tone intact. Having the wet signals fed direct to the mixer simplified levels by leaving all the channels on the mixer at the same "6 o'clock" setting & I adjusted the indivual preset levels respectively. I used one expression pedal for volume, & on an individual patch basis, the wah. The 2nd expression pedal was used to fade in the harmonizer, rather that suddenly. I always thought that this sounded nicer than on/off. The "monitor outs" of the M-120 Line mixer went to the Microcab, the "main outs" went to the Microtube 200. My live signal as heard through the house pa was 100% Microcab. This assured me the same consistent mic emulated tone night after night, & allowed me to use my 4x12 cabs simply as onstage monitors. Occastionally, since I was using a 20 space rack, in venues that had statges that were too small to house all of our cabinets, keyboards, & HUUUUGE drum kit, I simply went completely direct, & got of my guitar given to me in my monitor wedges. This system was Extremely quiet, in any environment it delivered, & it's sound was consistent in any venue or volume.


I never had any problem with ADA gear or this rig for that matter, other that of my own neglegence. I was performing at BURNING MAN 98 & our entire camp & stage fell victim to a hellacious sand storm. My rack was outdoors, lids off ready for sound check & was wide open to damage.

General Comments

Since the demise of ADA, & without the support of a business currently in operation, I've had to replace all of that gear. I recently (couple of years ago) switched over to a Johnson Millenium J250H Head.


I'm 37, been playing for 30 years, love heavy music, love gear, love learning about all things technical. I hated parting with my ADA gear, but since I was gigging extensively, I couldn't chance being without "replaceable" gear on the fly. I have my patches dumped into the computer, & if I ever neaded to, I could borrow another Johnson Amp & dup my patches back into it. I don't have the luxury of a lot of people around who have ADA gear to borrow from, but the ADA gear still gets my vote, & if they were back in business today, I'd still be there #1 advocate, & I'd be back to using there gear once more.

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