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Sound Quality

I use a Les Paul through a Crybaby, a Big Muff, Boss DS-1, DOD Octoplus, DOD Phaser, and a DOD Flanger into a Marshall combo. The Punkifier sounds great on an already distorted channel. It's basically a DOD version of the Big Muff. It's big, thick, and beautiful with great harmonics. The only downside is that I sometimes get a high-pitched feedback, but really, who cares? With the fuzz turned up all the way I can get some weird worbelling sounds that the other guitarist in my band can get with his Buzz Box, it's pretty tight.


I don't jump on my pedals like some people do, so I don't see it breaking anytime soon.

General Comments

If you like punk, don't get this pedal. If you're a punk-ass sissy who plays hardcore music like me, get it. It's big and beefy and you'll want to rock out on some Mr. Bungle chords forever. SB '99

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