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Sound Quality

When I have the Direct Level at about 10 o'clock, I can get a nice bass sound. When I have my amp on the gain channel, it sounds exactly like Tim Bob from RATM. Sometimes, though, the pedal starts to produce this worbelling sound when more than one or two strings are picked, but, it's tolerable. When I have the Direct Level turned up all the way, it sounds like there is a 300-pound bass player in my amp doubling my every note, it's great.


Well, I bought it used, and it's already beat to Hell, but it's still alive and kickin'.

General Comments

I play rhythm guitar in my band, and sometimes I have to play bass lines as well, so this pedal makes my job a little easier. I love the convenience of having Beelzebub jump out of my amp if I need him. Buy this pedal, the old-school DOD look is enough to buy it. That's all I have to say...Boy, I sure do like butts...

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