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Sound Quality

I had an older, metal knob calligraphy text version that predates the PT-707 model number. I was actually quite surprised by how quiet this pedal was when activated. With the feedback set low it sounds very similar to the original 1 knob phasetone. 70s 4-stage vibe about it. No annoying volume drop like you get on vintage Small Stones. Yet, much like the colour switch on Small Stones, I found the feedback knob to be rather useless. Whilst making the phaser effect throb and sound more whacky (great!), it seemed to really dull the tone of your signal in the process, as if you'd rolled the tone knob on you guitar all the way down. I got mine dead cheap (US$22 - the seller listed a real low BIN), but it's certainly not worth the money they seem to regularly pull on ebay (US$100+). Inferior in sound to the 76 Small Stone and Boss PH-1R I've had. Though my memory is fading I'd probably take the Boss PH-2 over it.


It was over 20 years old and still going strong. Heavily chipped so it had obviously seen a lot of use over the years. Only flaw was that the feeback knob was slightly scratchy.

General Comments

For the price I paid it was a bargain, and I made quite a tidy profit resale, but overall not a spectacularly good pedal. Just average. The dullness in the feedback made the effect unmusical to my ears (and I love crazier sounds, like the Res maxed on the PH-1R), and so it was not more versatile than the original 1 knob phasetone. Not as warm and buttery as the Small Stone, and certainly lacked the sound quality and versatility of the Boss PH-1R. Much better phasers out there for your money.

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