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Sound Quality

Although it borrows the layout of the BeeBaa, the FZ-2 sounds nothing like a BeeBaa. I've heard it described as a modern take on the Shin-ei (Univox) SuperFuzz, but I've never played that unit so can't comment on how close it sounds. It's basically a smooth hi-gain silicon sounding fuzz tone with a prominent upper octave effect, giving it a synthetic, synthy raw sort of sound. Fuzz mode I is a more tonally balanced fuzz tone, whereas Fuzz tone II is a scooped mids fuzz with a harsher tone. Because of the strong octave effect I find the Hyper Fuzz lends itself to lead bursts more than rhythm.


Well, mine has a slight issue in that there is this underlying static sound in the Fuzz modes. I think the Level pot might have needed cleaning as this sound isn't present in the gain boost mode. You can't hear it over playing so I haven't worried about it too much.

General Comments

The Hyper Fuzz isn't a bad fuzz for the money. It has a crazy raw tone which sets it apart from more refined, polite fuzzes like the Fuzz Face (which the later Boss FZ-3 copies). I've heard people describe it as "industrial" sounding, but since it's inspired by a 60s unit with an eye toward the Grunge scene, I don't really feel this description is completely accurate. It's possible that it works well for industrial music I'm not sure, but I hear a lot of 60s vibe in it myself.

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