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Sound Quality

Fantastic. I only had experience with pedal graphic EQs (GE-7, Ibanez GE-9) before obtaining this unit and had always been rather ambivalent toward them because of the noise they add to you signal. I'm not sure if it is because the GE-10 was specifically designed for use in the studio, or because it is physically huge, or because it's mains powered, but you can boost the treble freq sliders on this unit all day long and get negligible noise. In my experience small 9v pedal eqs hiss appallingly if you try to boost the treble.


Well, its 30 years old and still functioning like new.

General Comments

For those who can deal with the huge size, AC power, and lack of built-in footswitch limitations, this is a much better EQ choice than a 9v pedal EQ. Ultimately I sold it because it was mint in box and I had the opportunity to make a nice profit selling it to a collector, but I've got another huge main powered 10-band on the way (a Ross EQ).

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