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Sound Quality

Well, this the sound I was looking for. With Marshalls you get this harsh, trebly high end, too much of a high-mid voicing and not enough low mids to round things out. I have owned a Triple Rectifier and up until a little while, owned a Soldano SLO - great amp, just not as versatile, ******* fx loop and needs to be cranked to give up the goods. The XTC delivers at low volumes with an exceptional master volume. It doesn't have the bite that the SLO had, but overall I prefer the voicing, due the chewy, fat tone I get out of it. It has a great crunch and a nice smooth high end, which is a big plus. The mids are REALLY smooth, so it wouldn't be my first choice if I played in a metal band. Rock - to hard rock though, it's hard to compete with this thing for my needs. The clean channel, once dialed in with BrentSP from the bognerampforum.informe.com forums, allows for a very nice clean - dare I say, Fender-esqe. The blue is a great rhythm channel that has just enough sag...I use the red channel for heavier rhythms and it is tighter, after the 2004 revision that Bogner did on it. Another thing that is beautiful about this amp is that it blooms into feedback/harmonic overtones that are very musical if you hold out a chord/note. The only shortcoming I find with the amp, is that it lacks some of the bite I'd get with a Soldano, Splawn, etc...but, you can't have an amp voiced every which way...I will be purchasing a Cameron CCV soon to cover this ground though...


No problems.


General Comments

This is the most well designed amp I've played to date. The Cameron amps seem like the only ones that can give it a run for its money, for my needs. Great master volume, great versatility, great clean, great fx loop...The price is a bit expensive, but you get what you pay for, so no points lost. If you play metal, do yourself a favor and look elsewhere...this amp can do metal, but it is a pure rock machine. Another thing - the amp is dark and is voiced in the low mids...if you prefer bright amps or an amp with a more biting midrange, you'd probably want to look elsewhere. If you like a real hi-fi tone, look at Diezel, etc...this amp has a very organic nature. I don't like to give anything a 10, but in this case I feel it is deserved. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

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