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Seth Carmody_1

Electro-Harmonix Classics Holiest Grail Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Just great. As others have noted it can sound digital and harsh if you have the dampening up too high, but set appropriately it sounds phenomenal. Lush, complex, huge are words that come to mind. I¿¿¿ve set my unit with a mild spring in 1A, dense spring in 1B, Recording room in 2B, Dance Hall in 2B, mild Concert Theatre in 3A, dense Concert Theatre in 3B, endless droning verb in 4A and 100% wet verb in 4B. This covers pretty much everything I could want, though in a perfect world it would also do reverse and modulated reverbs. There are no noise issues with my unit at all (I¿¿¿ve read tons of complaints about the Holy Grail being noisy). The unit does have relatively low headroom though; run in front of the amp I had to set the input gain to an overall volume drop to avoid overloading it with modern humbuckers. I¿¿¿ve recently acquired an amp with an effects loop and when placed in the loop the Holiest can be set at unity or even to provide a volume boost, no matter what pickup is selected.


For $270 or whatever the street is on these you'd want it to be the best damn build quality available. I've had a few EHX pedals and never had an issue, but you do hear a lot of bad reports on internet forums about the QC on EHX pedals.

General Comments

Given it's price the Holiest Grail had a lot of expectation to live up to, and really delivered on all fronts. It's great for traditional styles as well as more ambient music. Previously I'd had a Boss RRV-10 micro rack reverb which I thought was great, but in hindsight it pales in comparison to the Holiest Grail. The Holiest's dampening control is just so much more realistic at altering the nature of the reverb than the meager "tone" control provided on the Boss reverbs. Anyone serious about reverb in a pedal format should try this unit out. It's pricey, but the sound quality and level of control you get are no doubt without peer.

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