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Sound Quality

This pedal is great for that thick "wall of fuzz" sound - it's huge sounding. Tonally it's reminiscent of the EHX Big Muff. I wish I still had a Big Muff to describe the subtle differences, but it's in that general vein compared to say a Fuzz Face or Tonebender style of fuzz. On memory fuzz tone A has less of a mid scoop than a Big Muff and a tighter bass, whilst fuzz tone B sounds like a Muff with a treble boosted. Fuzz tone A is a strong midrange, balanced fuzz that suits itself well to rhythm guitar. Fuzz tone B scoops the mids and seems to kick in the treble boost, which makes it really cutting for lead work. I've read a few reviews where people are calling the boost a clean boost - it's a treble boost like a Rangemaster, only it's silicon not germanium. Sure there's not much gain, but it's not frequency neutral like you'd associate with modern 'clean boost' pedals, like the Catalinbread Super Chili. The boost works great to give you amp a kick or in front of your overdrive pedal - the level of boost on tap is huge.


There seems to be plenty of these units around that are still alive and kicking - they were made to last. The bypass switch on mine seems to be going - it will switch on the fuzz but kills the signal most of the time if I try and switch to bypass. I checked inside but there's no loose wires. I'll desolder then resolder the switch as a solder joint might have gone bad but if that doesn't work it's not a big deal to replace the switch - it's held up for over 30 years so has done its bit.

General Comments

BeeBaas are almost impossible to track down - I think I've seen two locally in the past 5 years, including the one I snagged. They're usually a bit expensive, but when you factor in that you're really getting two effects in one (fuzz and treble boost) they're not a bad deal really. There's a few clones on the market (Bargeconcepts BB-1 and ProphecySound Black Sheep Fuzz) which are great for those who want the BeeBaa tone with modern features (true bypass, leds, DC jack) and don't want to try hunting for an original, but sometimes they're just as expensive or only slightly cheaper than an original. I'd have to fall on real hard times to contemplate selling this. Great pedal.

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