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Sound Quality

It was ok. Nothing to get excited over, but got the job done. The sine wave was a buttery modulation whereas the square made it a little more throbby. I was disappointed that the square wave couldn't do a total 'on-off' effect - there was always a bit of sound leaking between the pulses. Decent range of rate in the LFO. No obnoxious ticks that often plague cheaper tremolos, and the bypass wasn't appalling.


The body case is metal, but the knobs are these tiny flimsy little things that could easily be broken off by a misplaced stomp.

General Comments

This is a decent trem for the money. They can usually be had used for $20-30 less than a used Boss TR-2. The build quality is not on par with the Boss but the sound quality is mostly there, and this unit can be set not to have a volume drop. A little more tour dependable than the Dano Tuna Melt. Personally I'd spend a little extra and get an EHX Pulsar which is a more versatile unit.

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