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Sound Quality

Pretty good tones to be had in this pedal. I came off a boutique Tonebender clone to this and it held it's own. The tone controls allows you to dial in a bassy or a raspy fuzz tone. The only thing I will say is that it lacked a bit of personality - it was a bit "Joe fuzz pedal" for me. I couldn't really fault it tonewise, but it never really spoke to me. I've since picked up the Boss FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz. Mode 1 on the Hyper Fuzz is somewhat similar to the FZ-3, with the most obvious difference being it has a slight upper octave element to it. Out of the two I preferred the FZ-3, probably because it has a bit more general applicability. The FZ-2 is crazy, which can be fun, but wasn't much more than a novelty for me.


General Comments

Overall, a nice little fuzz tone for the money. Yet with opting for Boss reliability comes the cost of settling for the Boss' 'generic' tone - like a lot of Boss pedals the FZ-3 had no real voice or character. As it's name implied, it was just a generic fuzz pedal. I guess you have to venture into fuzz pedals with actual titles, like Big Cheese or Flying Tomato, to find something with a bit of character.

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