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Sound Quality

By itself, this pedal acts as a subtle "off board" presence control. Your tone sounds a little crisper, but hardly anything to write home about. Where I think this pedal excels is when placed after your dirt pedals (fuzz, distortion or overdrive). In my experience it filters out a lot of the fizziness inherent in SS gain pedals and alters the harmonic content such that they sound so much more natural. The first pedal I paired it with was an 81 MIJ Boss DS-1, which I thought sounded ok. The EH-2 improved on it immeasurably. With the EH-2 on, the DS-1 sounds much closer to an cranked amp. Turn the EH-2 off, and it sounds anything but. It's thin, buzzy, fizzy; I wouldn't dream of using the DS-1 without the EH-2 on after it to clean up the mess again. Next I tried it with my 70s Roland BeeBaa fuzz. Here, the improvement was less stated. The EH-2 filtered out the modest high end fizz in the BeeBaa and made it a bit more cutting, but the before and after difference wasn't as great. Still an improvement, but it suggests the effect the EH-2 will have varies from pedal to pedal.


Never had a Boss pedal fail on me.

General Comments

The EH-2 is probably one of the best investments in tone I've made. The improvement you can expect for your gain pedals is well worth the price they are commanding on the used market at the moment. If you don't use gain pedals than it may not be worth picking up - I found it had a modest effect when used by itself or after modulation (chorus, phaser etc) pedals. Couldn't see myself ever getting rid of this pedal and if it were lost or stolen I'd be pretty peeved, as they're not easy to find.

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