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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

I use Gibson humbucker-equipped, archtop guitars. I am using the amp for rock/blues, which I think is what it is best suited for. The amp is not noisy at all. As for naked amp tones, the amp does EL84 cleans up to a point where it starts to overdrive. The overdrive is prety nice. But I use MFX pedals, so I'm using it as a clean base for the MFX pedal. This amp with my 335 and a good MFX pedal throuhg the Triggerman cab sounds awesome! I wasn't liking the 335 that much - too bright, too chimey, but with the VJR, i'm loving it again.


I have no idea. I assume due to its simplicty it'll last and last. The cab is very sturdy and there's not much to go wrong.

General Comments

10+ years. I own Fender amps. A line out on the VJR would be all it needs to be eminently more useful.

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