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Sound Quality

I tested it with my USA tele reissue on a Marshall 62 bluesbreaker. I don't normally use phasers (I got this at auction for 40 dollars in a 'what the hell why not' moment) but I must admit it does sound rather cool when I tried it out. The 'lo' setting is a bit subtle, and I couldn't really hear it. I prefer the 'hi' setting which sounded more vibrant and better. The best part is the wah action, which lets you start back on a subtle phase and shift in and out - very cool and the sound transistion is suburb. Im pretty sure it is true bypass as well so your signal wont suffer. I can't really judge it against other phaser pedals as I have never used one before. But this pedal is RARE (none on ebay at time of writing) so I doubt you will have a chance to test it before you buy. It is more for the vintage pedal collector, you know the guys who have a room full of gear), as im sure there are better and more easily obtainable phaser pedals out there. But if one comes into your hands you will be happy it did.


This pedal is OLD. It is a 'Made In Japan' Ibanez - so it is the same ilk as the original tubescreamers and old BOSS pedals (before they were made in taiwan). So if you actually find one, expect it to be a bit beat up and possibly broke - as you would any other old used pedal. I got it in a box of electrical crap at a junk auction so there was a good chance it wouldn't work, but it suprised me and worked perfectly the first time I tried it. So I would say there pretty well built. But because these things come in used condition (again they don't make them anymore) results will obviously vary.


General Comments

I got this at a junk auction (with a few digital cameras, a ps1 and dvd player plus other crap) for $40!! Best $40 i every spent (at a junk auction at least).


This is a good addition to MY pedal chain but thats because I don't have a phaser and im a bit of a vintage pedal junkie. If your into old pedals you will love it, as it really is quite unique.


Unfortunately it is a rarity so don't expect to find one at your local music shop - and im sure there are probably better phasers with more options out there. But if you se one in a junk auction it is definately worth bidding on.

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