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Sound Quality

The sounds are bloody BRILLIANT. I honestly can't believe what I am hearing. For this price you would have to be a bloody fool not to buy it. Out of this world gorgeous string machine sounds. I LOVE IT. try ot for yourself, what are ya waitin for!?



General Comments

Brilliant. One of the best pieces of kit out there. Makes my KILLER list: VSM, Korg Digital Edition, Cubase 4, Ableton Live 8, Minimonsta, impOSCar, Sonnox suite, Ivory, Elektrik Piano, FM8, B4 II.

Reviewer's Background

I make music a variety of different ways. With a Motif XS sequencer, with Cubase 4, Ableton, and even with the geekazoid tools like Reason and FL STUDIO. I have a PC running Vista Business on an Intel D975XBX2 board (motherboard is the guts of your rig, don't skimp on it mates), and a Duo Core 2.8ghz CPU. Motif XS and Cubase 4 play like mum and dad together. Very nice pair indeed. VSM is just gravy

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