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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Sound quality is really on a high level. There is some noise added on higher DIST settings, but it depends, and it is not a big deal compared to some other pedals. In my eyes this pedal has the ability to keep the sound of the instrument and not to modify it heavily. It is very flexible by adjusting to your equipment as it has a nice 3-band eq. Even though the name is Metal Zone it must not mean it is a pedal for metal. I don't play metal, but you can have really heavy distortion with it, and also you can set a nice overdrive-sounding setup when turning down the DIST knob. I'm not sure but i think it is not true-bypass. I play it over a Fender Twin Reverb and it sounds really nice.


I own this pedal for over 5 years or so and I have to tell it is still alive and kickin'. Played at home and live. No backup needed. The housing is like on other Boss pedals very robust and should last longer then anybody of us. I even once fell on ice in winter on it (it was in my bag on my back), and nothing broke on it. I haven't used it with batteries only with an adapter so I can't say if you can depend on it on a gig without an adapter.

General Comments

I think a distortion pedal is a personal thing and everybody should try out a lot of pedals before going for one particular. I tried trough the last years and owned several pedals, but this one is one of my favorites for transistor distortion. If you are playing anything from rock to metal (even if you play something completely different) just give it shot and try it out.

I would buy it again definitely.

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