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Sound Quality

Like other people here I thought this pedal sounded kind of money without much top end. I ended up opening the thing up and removing the tone control altogether. All you do is unscrew the circuit board that the pots are on and heat up the connections of the tone pot with a soldering gun, it'll come right out. After doing that this thing got a lot more aggressive and now it has a good amount of treble. If you turn the gain up to 9 or 10 the highs get out of control, but below that the new tone is sweet. I'd recommend this if you're so inclined.


I don't see how this thing could go down unless the battery is dead or something. Even with mine being tinkered with it's always come on when I step on it.

General Comments

I basically just use this pedal to get some different tones when I'm practicing or playing around. I don't ever need it playing in my band. It's fun, you can probably find it cheap somewhere. Pick it up.

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